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Ricardo Maldonado
+ 58 (414) 3684563

“Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm.”

But, what happens when the unexpected gives rise to a wave of complex challenges and
companies need a knowledgeable maritime attorney helping them navigate the sea of laws and regulations to safely reach the port?

Ricardo Maldonado is an Attorney at Law specialized in Maritime matters. He renders legal
consultancy and advisory services for national and multinational companies as well as major law firms; working alongside clients in the planning and execution of effective legal strategies and structures for their business operations or to lead them towards sensible and appropriate resolution of claims and commercial disputes. However complex the case might be, Ricardo takes actions and drives results.

Ricardo is Partner at Borges & Lawton law firm in Caracas where his contributions and successes through the years have made a positive impact attracting new clients from the Shipping, Transportation, Insurance and Oil & Energy industries by customizing services to satisfy client`s particular needs as well as teaming up with in-house and external legal or multidisciplinary teams to achieve common objectives. He assists and supports companies from USA, Europe, Asia and Latin-America providing an array of marine related legal solutions for the following sectors:
• Shipping
• Transport (Shipping and Aviation)
• Insurance
• P&I
• Oil & Energy
• Offshore-Drilling

Ricardo joined Borges & Lawton in 2011 from the law firm Clyde & Co. in Paris where he served as Foreign Attorney at the Department of Marine and Commercial Affairs and prior to that, as Associate Attorney at the Department of Litigations at Clyde & Co. in Caracas where he began his career in 2005.

He also worked for the transport and logistic company Eurobeta International in Spain. In
addition, he worked in collaboration with Mezgravis & Asociados law firm in Caracas on a special project for the Oil & Energy sector.

Ricardo’s work has had a profound influence making him culturally open-minded and has
provided him with extensive exposure and experience in handling global matters. He is
knowledgeable about key cultural aspects and understands the importance of how cultural
diversity has huge effect on projects. This is something he always has in mind along with
motivation, encouragement and transparent communication when managing or participating in multinational teams. Ricardo firmly believes this combination of attributes increases the probabilities of success when it comes to ensure the best possible outcome in each case or project.

Ricardo holds a Bachelor Degree in Law from the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas and Master Degree in Private Law and Transport Law, respectively, from the Université Lumiere in Lyon, France.

Also, Ricardo is currently adjunct professor at the Universidad Marítima del Caribe in Caracas for Specialist and Postgraduate studies. Furthermore, he is actively creating original content for his blog:

where he posts presentations and articles of his own authorship and from other sources with relevant information about Maritime Conventions as well as Shipping and Transport business.

His blog also includes published works and articles such as:
• Cabotage in the EU
A comparative study of cabotage between Europe and Venezuela. Presented at the
Congress of Maritime Law Venezuela 2012.

• Yachting Clubs in Venezuela
An informative article presented at the Asociación de Marinas y Clubes Deportivos,
Venezuela 2013.

• Flag States of Vessels in Venezuela
Instructive presentation at the British Chamber of Commerce, Venezuela 2015.

• Sustainable Transport
Presentation at the Congress of Maritime Law, Venezuela 2015.
Ricardo Maldonado is an active member in the following organizations:

– Venancham (Camara Venezolano-Americana de Comercio e Industria)

– British Chamber Of Commerce, Venezuela

– Camara Venezolano-Canadiense

– Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Marítimo

– International BAR Association

– Sala Civil de la Corte Suprema de Justicia (TSJ), Venezuela

– Colegio de Abogados de Caracas, Venezuela

– Alumni Université de Lyon


+ 58 (414) 3684563

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